It's National Women's History Month!

It's National Women's History Month!

pearl jewelry collection

It's National Women's History Month! As a black-owned, women-owned business, this means a lot to us 

Made up of a team of majority women, we wanted to celebrate by highlighting our team's favorites! It was harddd making this list, but here's our top 5! (In no specific order, of course).

Clatchet Pearl Hoops

Coming in hot with the Clatchet Pearl Hoops, cause who doesn't 

love a good classy, ratchet combo? 

They can be dressed up, dressed down, making her an all around top pick!

Delicate Bamboo Hoops

The girls that get it, get it.

The perfect hoop when you don't want to do too much, but just enough.

Not to mention, the classic bamboo design for the culture,

definitely a team pick for everyday wear!

Silky Saddle Ring

These rings are everythinggg! 

They're easy to style, and the best to pair with other Hoop Mobb accessories; 

and not to mention the sleek matte finish 😍

Available in both silver and gold!

Silver Tennis Hoops

Next pick is for the silver girlies 😍.

The Tennis Hoops in Silver are just the perfect touch of glam you need to take your fit up a notch! 

Best part about these hoops are the variety in sizes and colors! 

Double Sided Necklace

This necklace gives you the best of both worlds, with the gold AND silver finish!

It even has a matching bracelet making the cutest combo 😍

Mixing metals has never been easier!

More Honorable Mentions, because the options are just that good!

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