It's Giving Tuesday! Check Out Well of Hope!

It's Giving Tuesday! Check Out Well of Hope!

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It's Giving Tuesday and we wanted to give back this holiday season! This year we've decided to partner with 

Well of Hope to contribute to making a difference.

Founded in Flint in 2005 and formally established in 2006, Well of Hope has been a beacon of hope for the community, striving to break down barriers to education for children and foster programs that unify families. Their dedication to creating opportunities in an area deeply affected by challenges speaks volumes about their mission's significance.

Well of Hope offers multiple programs including Blessed to Be A Blessing,  a free Thanksgiving feast open to all residents in the City of Flint. This dinner began as a response to the weakened economy that Flint is dealing with as a result of General Motors being uprooted from Flint. Guests dine in a family environment while they enjoy a homecooked meal, music from a live DJ, and words of inspirations from the keynote speaker!

After viewing the undeniable impact that Well of Hope is making, the significance of this collaboration resonates deeply. This partnership exemplifies the beauty of collaboration in creating meaningful change. Together, we're building a path towards a brighter, more empowered future for the Flint community.


Any purchase today contributes to this cause and is greatly appreciated!

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